F Life after the Military

What a day, too many fools to death with, not enough time.

Rough night, two cops were shot, helped stabilize them…couldn’t sleep. I don’t remember post combat jitters being this bad, but maybe it’s harder when you’re alone and don’t have buddies to try and make light of the situation. Both will live fortunately.

Made it home, rain made it pretty rough. Two hours after kicking up my feet, I hear gunfire and sirens. Shoot out about six blocks over. Offered a hand, cops said they’d handle it.

What a night!

Spent the entire night talking to a pretty fantastic woman. Unfortunately I apparently made quite the ass of myself. : / 


Seems that I won’t be leaving right away…between the rain AND snow, part of the road leading out has a couple trees got washed loosed and have the road blocked.


It’s about time to head home. Took a week of vacation, took care of my grandmother while she healed up. Everything is A-OK and now it’s time to get home tomorrow and hit the gym hard.

So just opened a tumblr. Unfortunately I don’t have much to say since I’m still picking up the pieces that are my life.